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Methods of Soliciting Donations: TLHC conducts various courses as a public/community service for which there is never a charge, however, to issue a certificate upon completion of class requirements, a specific donation for each particular course/student is suggested. After deducting expenses, a large percentage of these donations is used to provide educational opportunities for students having no other resources.

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TLHC'S Mission

The Tree of Life Healing Center & Monastery, (hereinafter TLHC) is not a Church, per se: a "Church" being a strictly Christian definition for what we do.   Neither is it a Synagogue, that being strictly Jewish; nor is it a Masjidon, that denoting a Mohammedan definition. Yet, it is all of those and more.

The TLHC is a multi-denominational eleemosynary ministry and monastery dedicated to spiritual and physical healing. We do not seek converts, but encourage all to seek God through their own religious traditions, to be converted to their own religion.

We do follow the admonitions in holy writ such as, "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this........... to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction....." (James 1:27) and "....distributing to the necessity of the saints." (Romans 12:13).   

To this end, those in association with the TLHC are "Almoners" doing various community service projects while soliciting donations to support those in need and working to complete the construction of the buildings and make additional improvements and beautifications.

Both the presiding High Priest & Priestess (Holy Order of Melchizdek) are Reiki Masters and have been initiated to the 5th Level of the Art of Ascension by the Ishaya Monks. 



What else do we do ??? 


        REIKI (Usui Tradition) Treatments & Attunements

Reiki is the Japanese phrase for "universal life energy" or in Hawayo Takata's words, "God-power." The Usui System of Reiki Healing is a hands-on healing practice whereby the Universal Life Energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands during both self-treatment and treatment of others.

The result of receiving Reiki is enhanced health and well-being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Master Level Instructors conduct small classes with ample time to practice all skills. The lecture/demonstration format covers the history and background of Reiki, and the esoteric and spiritual aspects as well as the physiology and
medical aspects.

Students receive the symbols and attunements for each level and are given an opportunity to participate in practice sessions with the other students. Subsequent training and counseling is continuously available.

   The Ishaya's Art of Ascension (Meditation Technique)

"Because the average mind is so caught up in thoughts of the past and the future, there is very little awareness left to experience the present moment. Practicing Ascension is a continual choice to return to Now and open to ever greater appreciation of life as it is unfolding in the Now."

Whether you are looking for simple stress relief or the key to the highest levels of Human Consciousness,  Ishayas' Ascension® offers both.

Through a series of profoundly effective (yet simple) techniques, you have the choice to change your life to whatever degree you want, and no belief is required. 
Why is The Ishayas' Ascension® so incredibly effective?    Because the techniques are based on the fundamental principles of Praise, Gratitude and Love: Those "ascending" positive, inspirational emotions that science and medicine finally recognize as essential to our peace of mind and physical wellness. In this moment, you can make a new choice, a choice that will change your life forever.

First Sphere Weekend Workshops are periodically scheduled and all sessions are conducted by the Ishaya Monks and private training sessions can be arranged for interested groups.




M'lilah L'orah batDaviyd, barAbba
Danielle benEeshreebon, barAbba

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